The latest version of inRoute today becomes the first voice guided navigation app that automatically checks your route for severe weather! inRoute’s route planner—with automatic order optimization and custom routes based on elevation, weather, curviness and more—has now been coupled with a voice navigation upgrade that detects severe weather ahead on the route. For the first time, travelers can turn their perfect route plan into the perfect road trip with the tap of a button, complete with the peace of mind knowing what’s on the horizon.


  • Navigate multi-location routes directly with inRoute (up to 25 locations with “Route Planner Premium” or 5 without)
  • Severe weather detection ahead on route, every time you begin navigation (currently US and UK areas)
  • Navigate inRoute’s custom routes (choosing from alternates available on each leg of a route)
  • Resume navigation anywhere along a route
  • Real-time ETA for each route location
  • Off-route recalculation
  • Skip button to skip next route location
  • View charts showing elevation, weather conditions, or curviness as you proceed through a route
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headsets. Voice Notifications continue in the background or with the screen off.
  • North Up or Track Up modes, Standard or Hybrid Satellite map types

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