inRoute, the Intelligent Route Planner for the iPhone and iPad, has gone 2.0 with a host of new features designed to help plan your trips for the new season:

• Sync bookmarked routes and places between devices via iCloud
• Add layover times to waypoints
• Waypoints pins are numbered by their order in the route
• Two new route search options—search along route every x miles/km, or search x miles/km from a place. For example, search for ‘gas’ every 200 miles
• Severe weather alerts along route on weather charts (currently for US and UK areas)
• Sunrise/sunset times shown on all charts
• Elapsed time option on all charts
• Tracking button allows Overview mode, Turn-by-turn directions list, and charts to update with your location
• Quick and easy “Getting Started” tutorial

Also new:
• Reverse route option
• Improvements to Navigon integration
• Tapping a chart shows corresponding location on the map
• Bookmarked route names now used for turn-by-turn lists and exported GPX files
• GPX files include route in detailed “track” format for nav software without routing support (e.g. MotionX GPS)
• Map pin ETAs are calculated from the route “Start”
• Map pin details show URL for search results, and company name for contacts
• Cancel option when optimizing waypoint order
• Added French localization

We love to hear from you! Send your feedback to inroute@carobapps.com