inRoute 7.0

inRoute 7.0 has been released, with iOS 13 support for Dark Mode, Multiple Windows (iPadOS), and Undo/Redo.

Dark Mode

inRoute’s new Dark map type is automatically used when iOS 13’s Dark Mode is enabled or when navigating at night (configurable in Settings). The Dark map type can also be toggled on/off under the map’s Info icon.

Multiple Windows

With iOS 13 on the iPad (iPadOS), you can now open multiple inRoute windows side by side, allowing you to compare routes, data charts and more.


The new 3-finger undo/redo gestures in iOS 13 can be used to undo route optimization and adding/removing locations (for example a 3-finger tap will show the shortcuts bar).

Also New

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts have been added for users with external keyboards, for example command-N to create a New Window.
  • iOS 13 or higher is required for this release. Previous users running older iOS versions can still download the previous inRoute release compatible with their device.
  • Minor interface and performance updates

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