inRoute 6.2

inRoute 6.2 is now available, with Siri integration for starting/ending routes and skipping waypoints on iOS 11, weather alerts that automatically dismiss during navigation, and more.

Siri Integration (iOS 11)

Use Siri to start/end routes and skip waypoints:
– Start/Resume Current Route: “Hey Siri, Start route using inRoute”
– Skip a Location: “Hey Siri, Skip next location using inRoute”
– End Current Route: “Hey Siri, End route using inRoute”
– Load from Bookmarks: “Hey Siri, Start activity named {Bookmark name} using inRoute”

Activating Siri with “Hey Siri” may require enabling this feature on your device (Settings app > Siri and Search). Instead of activating with “Hey Siri”, you can also hold the the home button to activate Siri (or the side button on iPhone X). Variations on the above commands work as well (e.g. Skip waypoint using inRoute, Skip location…, Start {Bookmark name}…), but we’ve found Siri to respond most reliably with the commands above.

Also New

  • Weather alerts automatically dismiss after 10 seconds during navigation
  • Performance updates and minor interface improvements

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