inRoute 6.0

inRoute 6.0 is now available, with custom pin colors, a drawing mode for editing multiple pins, iOS 11 features including an improved pin style, iPad enhancements and much more.

Custom Pin Colors

Choose from up to 9 new colors for waypoints and non-route pins:
– Easily identify your stops, search results, and more
– Colors can be changed from their details screen (tap the pin’s name on the map), or change the color of multiple pins at once with the new Draw Mode

Draw Mode

Tap the new Draw icon on the map and select multiple map pins by drawing around them with your finger. Then set their color, add them to a route, save or clear them.

iPad Enhancements

Split-view and external keyboard shortcuts to search, edit, and save (hold the command key to show available commands in varying contexts).

iOS 11 Features

– New pin style: More legible and shows pin name or address directly on map
– iPad drag-and-drop: Drop a pin from the Maps app or Contacts; import files (XLSX, GPX, KML) by dragging them from the Files app and Mail; drop a text list of addresses to create an optimized route.

Insert in Order

Now you can insert waypoints in the order you want without needing to reorder afterwards

Also New

  • Faster elevation data
  • Navigation improvements:
      – Less alerts to return to route when off-route
      – In Landscape, both Time and Distance to next stop as well as the Destination are shown
      – New “Speech” options to disable playback over Bluetooth, or to play as a bluetooth phone call
      – North-up setting is remembered
      – Resuming along a route now shows next waypoint options with both their name and number
      – Better handling of street abbreviations
      – Change pin notes, color, and name during navigation mode
  • Wind chart arrows now refer to the direction wind is blowing (up arrow for blowing North)
  • “Next” button added when selecting alternates with the ALT button
  • Increased max layover to 31 days
  • Support for saving current location pin added
  • Sharing improvements to 3rd party compatible apps
  • Higher precision 6-decimal coordinates shown on map pin’s details

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