inRoute 5.3 is now available, with more intelligent route optimization, support for .XLSX files, and simpler file import:

More Intelligent Route Optimization

Whether you’re running errands or planning deliveries for up to 100 stops, inRoute’s infrastructure has been updated to provide more intelligent optimization of multi-stop routes, saving you time and gas.

Import from XLSX

Support for importing from spreadsheets in XLSX format has been added. For compatibility with a wide range of spreadsheet formats, the XLSX importer allows you to specify which spreadsheet columns to use for the address and name of your map pins.

Simpler Import

You can now import directly within inRoute from files in iCloud, Dropbox or other storage providers, using the “Import” button under the map’s Action/Share icon. Supports XLSX, GPX, KML, CSV and TXT files.

Also New

  • When searching the map, improved search-term suggestions help you find the right address more quickly
  • “Skip” (skip waypoint) and “Speech” buttons added to main display for easier access during navigation
  • Several interface refinements for ease-of-use

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