inRoute 5.2 has been released, including the ability to designate Waypoints as non-spoken Vias, improvements in saving and sharing POI (point of interest) pins, a Max Speed setting for slower vehicles, and much more.


Guide a route along a preferred road by designating a waypoint as a Via, and it won’t be announced during navigation for minimal distraction (set on waypoint’s layover screen). Vias may also be used with GPX files available from other apps and websites: just import and tap “Go” to navigate.

Route List Multi-Select

The Route list (top-left) now supports selecting multiple places, so you can change layovers, designate Vias, or remove from the route, for several or all places at once.

Save Non-Route Pins

Save all non-route pins at once, for example points of interest for a trip, with the new button in the Action/Share menu (bottom-center).

Export Entire Map Content

Sharing via Mail, Messages, or AirDrop now includes all map pins, including non-route pins, in the exported GPX file. Configure in the app’s Settings.

Max Speed Option

For slower vehicles, you can now set a maximum speed for more accurate travel time estimates and weather forecasts. Max speed is set in the app’s Settings (map’s Info icon > Gear icon).

Also New

  • Routing and navigation improvements under the hood.
  • Ability to pan the map during navigation added.
  • Tap a point on any data chart to briefly show its location and data value on the map.
  • URL Scheme added to allow other apps to share pins for routing and navigation.
  • Share to MapQuest option removed (the service no longer supports routing to coordinates).

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