inRoute 5.1 is now available, allowing travelers to plan road trips in entirely new ways:

Custom Routes

Looking to avoid the heat on your summer road trip, or towing a trailer and prefer the least elevation gain? Or maybe you’re just looking for the road with the most curves! Now you can choose from 7 new custom route profiles, including Lowest Temperature, Least Elevation Ascent, Most Curvy, and more.

Chart Stats

Elevation, Curviness, and Weather charts now include an info button that shows min/max/average so comparing alternate routes is easier than ever. Stats are shown for the entire chart range or a zoomed subrange (as well as ascent/descent for the elevation chart).

Also New

  • Pause Spoken Audio option added to navigation settings – Automatically pause spoken audio, like podcasts and audio books, during navigation prompts
  • Improved GPX and KML import
  • Revised app icon
  • Performance updates and bug fixes

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