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inRoute 5.3: More Intelligent Optimization, XLSX Importer


inRoute 5.3 is now available, with more intelligent route optimization, support for .XLSX files, and simpler file import:

More Intelligent Route Optimization

Whether you’re running errands or planning deliveries for up to 100 stops, inRoute’s infrastructure has been updated to provide more intelligent optimization of multi-stop routes, saving you time and gas.

Import from XLSX

Support for importing from spreadsheets in XLSX format has been added. For compatibility with a wide range of spreadsheet formats, the XLSX importer allows you to specify which spreadsheet columns to use for the address and name of your map pins.

Simpler Import

You can now import directly within inRoute from files in iCloud, Dropbox or other storage providers, using the “Import” button under the map’s Action/Share icon. Supports XLSX, GPX, KML, CSV and TXT files.

Also New

  • When searching the map, improved search-term suggestions help you find the right address more quickly
  • “Skip” (skip waypoint) and “Speech” buttons added to main display for easier access during navigation
  • Several interface refinements for ease-of-use

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inRoute 5.2: Vias, POI Improvements, Max Speed, More


inRoute 5.2 has been released, including the ability to designate Waypoints as non-spoken Vias, improvements in saving and sharing POI (point of interest) pins, a Max Speed setting for slower vehicles, and much more.


Guide a route along a preferred road by designating a waypoint as a Via, and it won’t be announced during navigation for minimal distraction (set on waypoint’s layover screen). Vias may also be used with GPX files available from other apps and websites: just import and tap “Go” to navigate.

Route List Multi-Select

The Route list (top-left) now supports selecting multiple places, so you can change layovers, designate Vias, or remove from the route, for several or all places at once.

Save Non-Route Pins

Save all non-route pins at once, for example points of interest for a trip, with the new button in the Action/Share menu (bottom-center).

Export Entire Map Content

Sharing via Mail, Messages, or AirDrop now includes all map pins, including non-route pins, in the exported GPX file. Configure in the app’s Settings.

Max Speed Option

For slower vehicles, you can now set a maximum speed for more accurate travel time estimates and weather forecasts. Max speed is set in the app’s Settings (map’s Info icon > Gear icon).

Also New

  • Routing and navigation improvements under the hood.
  • Ability to pan the map during navigation added.
  • Tap a point on any data chart to briefly show its location and data value on the map.
  • URL Scheme added to allow other apps to share pins for routing and navigation.
  • Share to MapQuest option removed (the service no longer supports routing to coordinates).

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inRoute 5.1: Custom Routing by Weather, Elevation, Curves


inRoute 5.1 is now available, allowing travelers to plan road trips in entirely new ways:

Custom Routes

Looking to avoid the heat on your summer road trip, or towing a trailer and prefer the least elevation gain? Or maybe you’re just looking for the road with the most curves! Now you can choose from 7 new custom route profiles, including Lowest Temperature, Least Elevation Ascent, Most Curvy, and more.

Chart Stats

Elevation, Curviness, and Weather charts now include an info button that shows min/max/average so comparing alternate routes is easier than ever. Stats are shown for the entire chart range or a zoomed subrange (as well as ascent/descent for the elevation chart).

Also New

  • Pause Spoken Audio option added to navigation settings – Automatically pause spoken audio, like podcasts and audio books, during navigation prompts
  • Improved GPX and KML import
  • Revised app icon
  • Performance updates and bug fixes

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inRoute v5.0 Released


100-location routing with inRoute 5.0

inRoute 5.0 is now available, expanding the maximum route limit to 100 locations and including several ease-of-use and performance updates.

inRoute Pro

Create routes with up to 100 locations with the new inRoute Pro subscription. Access all services such as optimization, weather, voice navigation, iCloud sync and more, for one low monthly/yearly price. Also supports importing 100 locations at a time from spreadsheets and text files, including TXT, CSV, GPX and KML formats.

* The one-time purchase model (inRoute Premium) remains available and includes all features for routes with up to 25 locations.

New pin detail information
Route progress is now shown on each map pin’s details screen, so rather than use the List icon to view all route location’s times and distances, you can jump straight to a particular pin’s progress directly on the map.

And more

Several other refinements have also been made:

  • More robust and faster route calculation, including a new “load from cache” option for the fastest routing when the latest route information is generally not needed, for example during early trip planning and experimenting.
  • Voice navigation improvements for clearer turn-by-turn instructions
  • Faster access to Bookmarks and the route Curviness chart

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inRoute v4.0 Released


The latest version of inRoute today becomes the first voice guided navigation app that automatically checks your route for severe weather! inRoute’s route planner—with automatic order optimization and custom routes based on elevation, weather, curviness and more—has now been coupled with a voice navigation upgrade that detects severe weather ahead on the route. For the first time, travelers can turn their perfect route plan into the perfect road trip with the tap of a button, complete with the peace of mind knowing what’s on the horizon.


  • Navigate multi-location routes directly with inRoute (up to 25 locations with “Route Planner Premium” or 5 without)
  • Severe weather detection ahead on route, every time you begin navigation (currently US and UK areas)
  • Navigate inRoute’s custom routes (choosing from alternates available on each leg of a route)
  • Resume navigation anywhere along a route
  • Real-time ETA for each route location
  • Off-route recalculation
  • Skip button to skip next route location
  • View charts showing elevation, weather conditions, or curviness as you proceed through a route
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headsets. Voice Notifications continue in the background or with the screen off.
  • North Up or Track Up modes, Standard or Hybrid Satellite map types

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inRoute v3.6 Released

inRoute_ConnectinRoute 3.6 is now available with several enhancements to make planning your next road trip easier than ever!

• Easier route saving, sharing and more with the new map Action icon
• Premium Upgrade users can AirDrop routes between mobile devices, or to their Macs for use with GPX compatible apps
• Wind direction indicators now included in Wind Speed chart
• Routes are now stored on your device so you can access them even if you lose connection
• Improved emailing and printing of routes, now with map pin notes
• Pin names editable directly on the pin’s details screen
• Map scale added when zooming/panning map
• Order optimization settings added to Settings app
• Full 64-bit support

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inRoute in More Countries

inRouteWith recent updates to inRoute’s web services, inRoute can now plan routes in 70 countries!


South Africa
Hong Kong
Brunei Darussalam
New Zealand
Burkina Faso
Cayman Islands
Virgin Islands
Czech Republic

For the latest availability, refer to the FAQ.

* Route elevation charts are currently limited to latitudes 56°S to 60°N.

inRoute v3.5 Released


inRoute version 3.5 has been released, with a new custom route feature, bookmark enhancements, and more!

• Customize routes – Go your way! A new ALT button on map pins enables you to view available alternates for each leg of your route. Using inRoute’s data charts, you can select the best route for you according to the alternate’s weather, elevation and/or curviness.

• Bookmark updates – Create folders and organize your bookmarked routes and places. Select multiple bookmarked places, or entire folders, to add to the map at once.

• Walking route speed – Using inRoute’s walking routes for cycling or running? You can now override the default average speed for more accurate travel time and weather estimates.

• Performance updates, icon revision, and bug fixes

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inRoute v3.1 Released


inRoute version 3.1 has been released, featuring a new iOS 8 app extension, layover improvements, new Agenda Nav controls, ability to add notes to map places, and much more!

• New inRoute app extension for iOS 8 is the easiest way to import addresses into inRoute. Just tap the Share icon from any webpage or Notes and the inRoute extension will find the page’s addresses! To install, tap the “More” icon on the second row of the share screen.
• Optimized for iPhone 6/6 Plus
• New Agenda Nav controls to improve navigating routes in Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, or TomTom. You can now send again, or skip, any location in your agenda.
• Notes field on map pins, including support for links and phone numbers
• Layover times can be set based on departure time from the waypoint, e.g. 7 a.m. after staying for 2 days
• Layover times as long as 14 days
• Landscape mode now also available for iPhone
• “Hide steps” option for turn-by-turn directions is now available when sharing by email or printing
• Support for GPX or KML import with >25 locations (import locations to map only)
• Overwrite option when saving a bookmark with the same name
• Import from CSV allows using the first column as the pin name
• Interface polish, stability improvements, bug fixes

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inRoute v3.0 Released


inRoute version 3 is here, updated for iOS 8, and ready to not only plan your next route, but help navigate it too!

• New “Agenda Nav” feature allows route navigation in Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and TomTom
• Updated for iOS 8
• Import a list of places from a text file or a spreadsheet in CSV format
• Alternate routes avoiding tolls and ferries are now shown, if available and timely
• Send routes to for viewing in a browser
• “Hide steps” option under the List icon to show only a route summary
• Tap and hold to Copy place details like lat/long and address
• Search within Bookmarks
• App settings for units (km/miles and °C/°F), etc., accessible from Info icon (iOS 8 only)

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