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inRoute v3.1 Released


inRoute version 3.1 has been released, featuring a new iOS 8 app extension, layover improvements, new Agenda Nav controls, ability to add notes to map places, and much more!

• New inRoute app extension for iOS 8 is the easiest way to import addresses into inRoute. Just tap the Share icon from any webpage or Notes and the inRoute extension will find the page’s addresses! To install, tap the “More” icon on the second row of the share screen.
• Optimized for iPhone 6/6 Plus
• New Agenda Nav controls to improve navigating routes in Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, or TomTom. You can now send again, or skip, any location in your agenda.
• Notes field on map pins, including support for links and phone numbers
• Layover times can be set based on departure time from the waypoint, e.g. 7 a.m. after staying for 2 days
• Layover times as long as 14 days
• Landscape mode now also available for iPhone
• “Hide steps” option for turn-by-turn directions is now available when sharing by email or printing
• Support for GPX or KML import with >25 locations (import locations to map only)
• Overwrite option when saving a bookmark with the same name
• Import from CSV allows using the first column as the pin name
• Interface polish, stability improvements, bug fixes

We love to hear from you! Send your feedback to inroute@carobapps.com


inRoute v3.0 Released


inRoute version 3 is here, updated for iOS 8, and ready to not only plan your next route, but help navigate it too!

• New “Agenda Nav” feature allows route navigation in Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and TomTom
• Updated for iOS 8
• Import a list of places from a text file or a spreadsheet in CSV format
• Alternate routes avoiding tolls and ferries are now shown, if available and timely
• Send routes to MapQuest.com for viewing in a browser
• “Hide steps” option under the List icon to show only a route summary
• Tap and hold to Copy place details like lat/long and address
• Search within Bookmarks
• App settings for units (km/miles and °C/°F), etc., accessible from Info icon (iOS 8 only)

We love to hear from you! Send your feedback to inroute@carobapps.com


inRoute on the TODAY show

inRoute_on_TODAY_smallinRoute was featured on the TODAY show as one of 6 apps you need to have for your summer travels.  Check out the clip below!


inRoute v2.0 Released


inRoute, the Intelligent Route Planner for the iPhone and iPad, has gone 2.0 with a host of new features designed to help plan your trips for the new season:

• Sync bookmarked routes and places between devices via iCloud
• Add layover times to waypoints
• Waypoints pins are numbered by their order in the route
• Two new route search options—search along route every x miles/km, or search x miles/km from a place. For example, search for ‘gas’ every 200 miles
• Severe weather alerts along route on weather charts (currently for US and UK areas)
• Sunrise/sunset times shown on all charts
• Elapsed time option on all charts
• Tracking button allows Overview mode, Turn-by-turn directions list, and charts to update with your location
• Quick and easy “Getting Started” tutorial

Also new:
• Reverse route option
• Improvements to Navigon integration
• Tapping a chart shows corresponding location on the map
• Bookmarked route names now used for turn-by-turn lists and exported GPX files
• GPX files include route in detailed “track” format for nav software without routing support (e.g. MotionX GPS)
• Map pin ETAs are calculated from the route “Start”
• Map pin details show URL for search results, and company name for contacts
• Cancel option when optimizing waypoint order
• Added French localization

We love to hear from you! Send your feedback to inroute@carobapps.com


inRoute, Best New App in Navigation

BestNewAppWe’re proud to announce that Apple is now featuring inRoute as Best New App in the App Store Navigation Category. Check us out!

inRoute Guide: Overview


Note: inRoute’s interface has changed since this guide was written. For an up-to-date tutorial, tap the Info icon at the bottom of inRoute’s map, then “Tutorial”.

Welcome! This is the first in a series of guides for our recently released app inRoute. While later guides will cover more specific use cases and advanced features, this guide is a general overview of inRoute’s interface and operation. You can click the first image and use the image browser to step through the photos/captions, or just scroll through the guide below.

inRoute v1.3

inRoute, the Intelligent Route Planner for the iPhone and iPad, has been updated with new weather charts, improved route information including time/distance to waypoints, and more!  




inRoute v1.1, now on the iPad


inRoute, the Intelligent Route Planner for the iPhone, has been redesigned for the iPad and is available today! As a Universal app for the iPad and iPhone, any purchases made from the iPhone after our v1.0 release will also be available for free from the iPad. We’ve also made several refinements to the app’s interface (and squashed some bugs), so head on over to the App Store to get the update.

inRoute v1.0



Carob Apps is proud to announce the release of a new route planning app, inRoute-Intelligent Route Planner, for the iPhone and iPod Touch! inRoute will be rolling out onto App Stores worldwide beginning Friday, so go grab yours and please do let us know what you think.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine updated for iPhone 5, more

BMW Motorcycle Magazine has been updated to take better advantage of the additional screen space available on the iPhone 5 (tallboy). Also new in this update: more reliable automatic downloading of new issues for digital subscribers, page sharing via Twitter and Facebook use the native iOS look and system integration, and minor interface fixes have been made, particularly for iOS 6. Read all the details and grab a copy from the App Store, or update using the App Store app on your device.